A “wishful thinking” on the Future Bryophyte Research in Yunnan


Due to the tiny size and difficulty in species determination, in most cases, bryophytes were “deliberately” ignored by plant taxonomists, ecologists and conservational biologists worldwide. Compared with other plant groups, bryophytes as a whole, is left way behind in almost all aspects of scientific research. Based on over a decade’s working experience as a keeper on bryophyte section in KUN, the speaker would like to review the following aspects of bryophytes, particularly in Yunnan: How complete the bryophyte taxonomic work had been archieved? How many bryophyte-under-collected areas still exist? How many bryophyte groups remain mysterious due to lack of specimens? With these critical information, the speaker will take a “wishful thinking” approach to look forward to the future bryophyte research in the province, and to welcome potential trans-disciplinary collaborations.

Speaker: Dr. Wenzhang Ma

Affiliation: Kunming Institute of Botany

Time: Mar. 2,2021

Venue: The Conference Hall in Xishuangbanna Headquarter

The 101 meeting room in Kunming Division (video conference)

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