Sulfur compounds in soil: hydrogeological dissipation and influence on heavy metals uptake by plants


Elemental sulfur amendment in the soil can lead to soil acidity which in turn affects plants biodiversity and soil microbial activity. In the acidic soil conditions, metals also become more soluble and more available for plants absorption, and both the acidity and metals can readily leach via runoff or drainage into adjacent surface waters. However, the investigations on elemental sulfur are limited to the surrounding of its producing factories and to coastal areas where its accumulation is obvious. More, poor remains our understanding of sulfur fate and the governing processes after anthropogenic deposition of sulfur into agricultural soils. Here, we first investigated the relationship between water erosion related processes and their influence on elemental sulfur dissipation and decay in rubber plantation; then explored and synthesized the influence of sulfur on heavy metal uptake by plants from heavy metals contaminated soils. The elemental sulfur decay kinetics have been studied at two slopes (top and bottom) and three agrosystems (weed, no-weed and mixed); and the results show that elemental sulfur decay and its sulfate sulfur transformation depend on soil moisture, runoff, soil erosion and soil CO2, which are in turn affected by slope and agrosystem. In addition, using a meta-analytic method on 524 data points extracted from 30 peer reviewed studies, we found that the influence of sulfur on heavy metal phytoextraction is governed by the single or combined effects of sulfur stress intensity, sulfur compounds, plant organ, plant type, and soil pH.

Speaker: Dr. Sissou Zakari

Affiliation: University of Parakou

Time: Oct. 12, 2021

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