Soil fauna effect on organic matter decomposition: A black box to unravel


Arthropods contribute to carbon cycle through herbivory “effect on green food-web” and via decomposition of organic matter “effect on brown food-web”. The second pathway is lagging behind mainly due to two reasons. First, the assumption that arthropods are facilitators rather than “true” decomposers. Second, the existence of geographical bias in organic matter decomposition studies that led to the first reason. But recent reports challenge these reasons by repositioning arthropods importance in the terrestrial carbon recycling pathways. In this presentation, I will focus in showing different ways that arthropods affect carbon cycle, summarize methods available to date to investigate arthropods contribution, give estimates of arthropods contribution to organic matter in different biomes, and conclude by brainstorming about future directions to advance our understanding of arthropods contribution to organic matter decomposition.

Speaker: Dr. Gbadamassi G. O. Dossa

Affiliation: XTBG

Time: Nov. 30, 2021

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会议 ID:135 871 8714
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