“Plant − soil-microbes feedbacks and its implications on species coexistence and ecosystem functioning”


In terrestrial ecosystems, plant species are known to condition soil microbes that feed back to either promote or harm plants via positive or negative plant–soil feedbacks (PSFs). PSFs provide novel insights into biotic interactions (e.g., competition, herbivory), local community dynamics (e.g., species coexistence, local abundance pattern and succession), ecosystem functioning (e.g., plant diversity-productivity relationships), biological invasions and eco-evolutionary dynamics. The direction and strength of PSFs are related to the intrinsic natures of plant life history strategies. Fast-growing species would allocate more resource to growth rather than defence against antagonists (such as pathogens) compared to slow-growing species, thereby generating more negative PSFs. It is also well documented that soil microbial community composition and diversity can also predict PSFs. In this talk, I will first introduce the concept of PSFs and overall progress. Next, my talk will particularly focus on two aspects with case studies (my own studies and others): 1) How PSFs can influence coexistence between plant species. In details, I will talk about how PSFs can affect niche difference between plant species and plant abundance patterns in local communities, and why soil microbe-mediated fitness difference can play key roles in the context of modern coexistence theory. 2) How soil microbes regulate plant diversity-ecosystem functioning relationships by plant-soil feedback loops. In the end, potential knowledge gaps are identified for future studies, i.e., the multidimensional nature of specie coexistence and eco-evolutionary dynamics in PSFs.

Speaker: Dr. Nianxun Xi

Affiliation: School of Ecology, Sun Yat-sen University

Time: Dec. 21, 2021

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会议 ID:135 871 8714
会议密码 PWD:666666
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