Recent progress and challenges of 10,000 Plants Genome Sequencing Project (10 KP)


Considering the diversity of this planet with millions of species and the rapid rate at which these species are going extinct, as well as their importance to human health and society, the impact of biodiversity research has the potential to be truly profound. Plant genomics is an increasingly important area of science that has expanded in recent years due to the development of advanced technologies and methods, and has been playing an important role in plant biodiversity research. However, understanding plant evolution and diversity in a phylogenomic context is an enormous challenge, due to the limited availability of genome-scale data across phylodiverse species. To fulfill this gap, large-scale genomic researches for plants were initiated, among which the 10KP (10,000 Plants) Genome Sequencing Project was launched to sequence and characterize representative genomes from every major clade of embryophytes, green algae, and protists (excluding fungi). I will cover various topics related to genomic researches on plant biodiversity from green algae to higher land plants, and discuss about the current status and challenges for genomics-based biodiversity researches on a global scale.

Speaker: Dr. Sunil Kumar Sahu

Affiliation: BGI-Shenzhen

Time: Jan. 4, 2022

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