Successful reintroduction releases pressure on China’s orchid species


Orchids have suffered dramatic declines in China and elsewhere in the world. Even several species are at the brink of extinction. Recent developments in orchid reintroduction programs could help establish new populations in natural habitats and release the current pressure on China’s most threatened orchid species. This presentation will introduce orchid conservation practices from two aspects:

  1. The theory of specificity between Dendrobium seeds and symbiotic fungal in vitro; and symbiotic seed germination for seedling propagation
  2. Reintroduction practices based on in situ symbiotic seed germination; and conservation of the rare and endangered orchid species

Speaker: Dr. Shicheng Shao

Affiliation: XTBG

Time: April 26, 2022

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会议 ID:135 871 8714
会议密码 PWD:666666
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