Xylem living tissues: analysis and functional importance from a xylem hydraulic perspective


The continuous evolution of the xylem allowed plants to survive and grow in land ecosystem. In trees, the main function of the xylem is to transport water several meters high up to the leaves. This mechanism is driven by a passive force generated at the leaves. Thus, a large fraction of the functional part of the xylem is dead. Nevertheless, the xylem parenchyma, the main part of the xylem living tissues, plays vital functions in the maintenance of the water transport system. This presentation aims to provide background knowledge and present recent findings on xylem parenchyma. It synthesizes the functions of xylem parenchyma and their contribution to tree physiology and ultimately to forest ecology. Past and recent applications and methods for analyzing xylem parenchyma structure will be reviewed. I will also present our results on the contribution of xylem parenchyma structure and arrangement to xylem hydraulic properties from different clades and ecosystems. Xylem parenchyma structure and optimal arrangement are suggested to take parts of plant adaptation to stresses due to climate change and influence the future of forest ecosystems.

Speaker: Amy Ny Aina Aritsara

Affiliation: Guangxi University

Time: 4:30 PM, Tuesday, Jun. 28, 2022

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会议 ID:1000451372
会议密码 PWD:666666
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