National and Institutional Oligarchies of Academic Gatekeepers


Scholars serving on the editorial boards of scientific journals play a major but often underappreciated role in defining the governance, trajectory, boundaries of knowledge in their disciplines. By recommending the publication of an article, the editor confers legitimacy not only on the research but also upon the individuals who carried it out. Editors also help choose new editors; in doing so, they confer enhanced status and visibility on a select group of scholars who then benefit from the opportunities for professional advancement provided by board membership. Editors are therefore a small but powerful group of gatekeepers that select the scientists and ideas shaping the direction of their discipline. I will show how my collaborators and I document bias in the structure of the Gatekeeper Communities (e.g., national, institution) and propose hypotheses for how these hierarchies could influence the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

Speaker: Prof. Emilio M. Bruna

Affiliation: University of Florida, Gainesville, USA

Time: Jul. 27, 2021

Venue: The Conference Hall in Xishuangbanna Headquarter

The 101 meeting room in Kunming Division (video conference)

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