Plant diversity, aboveground biomass and soil organic carbon during tropical forest succession


In the recent decades, tropical forests are being cleared rapidly for farming. The conversion of tropical forest to monoculture plantations and farming has resulted in mosaic landscapes with forests widely varying in age. In our study we use fine resolution vegetation and environmental data from two large-scale surveys covering a total landscape area of 20,000 ha in the Upper Mekong region to examine the effects of plant diversity, environmental factors and forest succession on aboveground biomass and soil organic carbon during tropical forest succession. We found that phylogenetic diversity, soil fertility and elevation gradients were strongly predictive of aboveground biomass during forest succession, while increases in soil organic carbon storage were associated with functional trait diversity with a strong support of species diversity and succession. Our results suggest that considering phylogenetic and trait-based approaches in restoration plantings and management practices could enhance the climate mitigation of tropical forests across the tropics.

Speaker: Dr. Manichanh Satdichanh

Affiliation: Centre for Mountain Futures, World Agroforestry Centre East & Central Asia, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Time: March 15, 2022

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