Understanding the geographic variation in the life history patterns within populations of widespread lizards in China


One critical factor in the evolution of life-history traits among and within species is the female tactics of reproductive investments in different environmental conditions. Studies investigating how female lizards vary their reproductive investment under different environmental conditions are necessary to understand intraspecific variation in reproductive strategies. This study intends to address the knowledge gap on the relationship between reproductive investment strategy and ecological conditions along geographical clines. The study used climates variables (annual temperature and precipitation), clutch size, seasonal variability, net primary productivity, and maternal body size to assess the specific ecological and environmental determinants for the geographic patterns of the reproductive characteristics in Eremias argus lizards across China. The study showed that geographic variations in female body sizes influenced the reproductive investment strategies within populations of lizards. Female lizards with small body sizes at high altitudes with extreme climate conditions usually prefer to produce few but large eggs. Therefore, due to adaptive radiation, female lizards might have evolved reproductive strategies to maximize reproduction and survival under different climates.

Speaker: Gywa Deme Gideon

Affiliation: Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Time: 4:30 PM, Tuesday, Jun. 14, 2022

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会议 ID:1000451372
会议密码 PWD:666666
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