Semiochemicals mediate aphid-ant mutualism


Fire ants form a mutualistic relationship with honeydew-producing aphids during the process of biological invasion. Professor Chen’s research found that aphids can detect ant trace pheromones. Conversely, ant trace pheromones can restrict aphids dispersal and promote aphid reproduction. As a result, ants can acquire more honeydew from aphids and strengthen their mutualisms. For the first time, this research finds that the pheromones of one species can regulate the reproduction behavior of another species and its role in promoting the mutualistic relationship. This research, entitled “Evolution: Ant trail pheromones promote ant-aphid mutualism”, was published on Current Biology in 2021. This publication has received a comment from Professor Duur K. Aanen a renowned expert in Entomology from the University of Wageningen

Speaker: Dr. Li Chen

Affiliation: College of Life Science, Hebei University

Time: Feb. 8, 2022

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